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a4ab eye for ebony

I love Language Master Group team. I took lessons with the founder Doctor María Torres last year and also with 2 other teachers from her team in 2021 and my experience has been fantastic with all of them. Lessons are 1 on 1 all the time and they made me speak Spanish since the first day!!!

I started speaking in Spanish and with the 1 on 1 lessons with the same teacher they made me start building my confidence and stop freezing when I was in front of a native Spanish speaker.

I now travel for work and alos pleasure and it has helped me a lot!! After just 2 courses I can communicate with my patients in Spanish! It means the world to me to better assist my Spanish speaking patients.

I highly recommend giving them a try.

Yasmine G.
a4ab warren wong

Language Master Group was the missing piece to my puzzle to communicate with Spanish speaking friends and travel.

Thank you for making my dream come true!

I highly recommend anybody who wants to improve their Spanish to take lessons with Doctor Maria Torres or any of the qualified members in her team. I had a third course with one of her teaches, Ana, and she was also great.

After 2 years of learning Spanish 1 on 1 with them, I achieved fluency to do business in Spanish. Thank you for helping me expand my business. This is something I did not think was possible in less than 2 years.

Chris T.
a4ab michael dam

Language Master Group helped me save weeks of work and misunderstanding with my clients at work.
My family never taught me Spanish, nor I learned at school, but I can now communicate with family, friends, customers, when I travel and enjoy the Spnaish culture, food, music...and social media.
I can now watch and understand movies and series in Spanish!!
I have been learning from Language Master Group in 1 on 1 lessons for 15 months, since 2020 and I have been speaking in Spanish since the first lesson. I can speak and understand Spanish!!!
Maria was truly a pleasure to work with and for every session, I came away feeling much more confident in my developing Spanish skills. Additionally, I found it incredibly helpful that she tailor made the lessons to me based upon my individual goals and my profession.
I cannot recommend working with Maria enough as she is incredibly knowledgeable and is able to translate that into my individual success.
Thank you Doctor Torres and your team!

Karen Weiss
Business owner

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